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She describes a French Court dominated by intricate rules of etiquette and protocol and excessive attention to fashion and grooming. And as Queen, she wanted the best for her people, giving generous donations and contributions to the minority. Women, especially those in royalty, were seen more as bargaining tokens than women and marriages were not based on mutual love, respect, and caring, but on some alliance or union Lewis 1.

But the Countess, pretending that Marie Antoinette knew and was involved with the transaction, publicly made accusations about secret, romantic rendezvous that Marie had had and so on Lewis 3.

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During this time when much of the country She sought escape in masked balls, opera, theater and gambling.

However, the pink theme is not historically accurate The heir was Louis XVI, who was a very dull and unsociable person. Paper-Research offers pre-written essays, term papers, book reports, and research papers on a great variety of topics that will diversify your writing and help improve your grade.

Further Reading Most biographers of Marie Antoinette have been popularizers or men of letters rather than professional historians.

Marie Antoinette: Research Paper

The French people resented the Austrian Queen and she was the subject of numerous rumors that she had been planted in France as a spy, was a spendthrift, was cold, cruel, evil, mean and any number of other charges.

The upshot was that she was universally regarded as guilty. This story shows that even powerful royalty is useless without followers. She surrounded herself with a small circle of friends and created the image of an untrustworthy foreigner, not only among the common French people, but also among the other nobles and courtiers.

The new Dauphin was born in ; during this time, the public and court were not so harsh with her, although that time would return sooner rather than later.

How to Write a Summary of an Article. As a queen, she had certain daily duties she needed to carry out, these included levees which is a reception held in the morning as a person of Research paper on marie antoinette gets out of beddressing, holding audiences, public meals, and several others.

Louis Auguste de Bourbon and Marie Antoinette were married on May 16,in the royal chapel at the palace of Versailles. Marie's big mistake was that while she was prisoner, she might havee rallied the people to a new constitutional monarchy similar to England's.

She was proud to be french, but in the end all the hopes she had for her country demolished right before her eyes. She goes through many transitions and is required to adapt to her new expected roles overnight. When she first arrives, she is stripped of everything she previously owned, including her beloved pug, Mops.

These details were not put into the film, however, Copula still makes it clear that her virginity is an internal struggle for Antoinette, by placing countless scenes in the film of Antoinette walking alone through the palace hearing voices all speaking negative words about her and her virginity.

She soon gave birth to another daughter who died in infancy and finally to another son who was to become the Dauphin, after his brother died Chew Copula does not include the actual death of Antoinette or Louis XVI because the whole theme of the film is symbolized by characteristics of youth and happiness, and adding in a gruesome death at the end of the film would change the theme she is trying to get across to viewers.

Copula also does a wonderful job at explaining the transitions in her life and the details of events that happen up until the death of Marie Antoinette, which is not actually shown in the film.

Trying to re-establish normalcy, Marie Antoinette continued her generous patronage of the poor children of Paris. Assumptions for why Copula does this is possibly to keep the film accurate to history and to show a sense of sympathy for her because she is being taken away from everything she has grown up among.

Copula shows countless nights of Antoinette out with her friends, who contain as much intelligence of their surroundings as she does. This quote explains the life f Antoinette perfectly, because anything she does, good or bad, is perceived negatively.

The opposite might be said of her mother, Austrian empress Maria Theresa, who regarded her eight daughters as pawns on the European chessboard, to be married off to seal alliances.

One of the main reasons Marie Antoinette was arranged to marry Louis XVI is o create heirs to their throne and to stabilize the alliance between France and Austria. Her extravagant dresses change to simple white dresses and her hair is simple, the way it is before she comes to France.

And though Marie Antoinette was not on trial, she might as well have been. She was the opposite. Francis 1st died in Augustleaving his wife and his elder son to co-rule his empire. Jeanne De La Motto was the one who plotted the whole case against Antoinette to gain wealth and power.

Louis and Antoinette gave all of their private spending money for a year to relieve the suffering of the victims and their families. Marie Antoinette: Research Paper. Words Apr 15th, 7 Pages. Show More. Melissa Arias Alma Aguilar Political Science 24 September Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake" is probably one of the most recited quotes around the world, which is known to be spoken by the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

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Marie Antoinette () was queen of France at the outbreak of the Revolution. Her activities and reputation contributed to the decline of the prestige of the French monarchy. Marie Antoinette From the very beginning, Marie Antoinette was born as an Austrian princess.

She was the favored and most beautiful daughter. She was the favored and most beautiful daughter. Her mother, strategically arranged for Marie to marry in order to form a new alliance with France.

Marie Antoinette: Research Paper

Mehrnaz Nodehi Rachel Crawford EnglishThinking, Writing, and Research 2 May Marie Antoinette; an Impossible Image “Let them eat cake”, quoted by the misunderstood Queen of France is a line that has been twisted and misinterpreted by the people of France. Essay Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette was the wife of King Louis XVI of France.

She was born in in France and was the daughter of the Great Emperor Francis I and Maria Theresa of Austria. Because here parents came from two countries at war with each other, their marriage formed a peace treaty. Marie was very spoiled and grew up with an extravagant lifestyle.

Research paper on marie antoinette
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